Michael Jackson’s moves perfectly match the beats of Big B’s ‘Pag Ghungroo’ & it’s amazing

There is not a single Indian who would deny being a Michael Jackson’s fan. We all love him dearly. His music and killer dance moves were always made to stay. Whether it is his dancing or singing, the legend will always be remembered. Ever wondered what it would be like if Michael Jackson was to dance to Indian music? Especially, on everyone’s favourite, ‘Pag Ghungaroo’?

pag ghunghroo

We all have seen Amitabh Bachan dancing to the song with Indian moves but what about watching the same song with the King of Pop’s signature moves?


A popular YouTube channel Vipra Dialogues has released it third video of their currently running theme Mad Over Bollywood. The video shows Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video with ‘Pug Ghungaroo’ playing in the backdrop.The dance moves go totally in sync with the song which makes it a hilarious watch!

Watch the funny video here.

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