The coffee price at this cafe in Australia depends on your mannerism!

It is hard to find people speaking politely to store keepers or any small traders. Be it any profession, everybody should be respected. To bring back those manners in people, what these owners of Seven Mile Beach Kiosk in Gerroa, on the New South Wales’ South coast have done is really appreciable. What they did brought a smile on people’s faces.

Since two months, the sign which reads ‘A coffee: $5, A coffee please: $4.50, Good morning, a coffee please: $4’ has been a welcome note for coffee drinkers.


Kev Chilver and his wife Kylie Pickett came up with this unique idea in order to bring back good manners in people. Will this work? Well, yes that does! Mr Chilver said, ‘It gives people a smile and starts their day off’. ‘We have some people who try it on and say “please”, “thank you” and “have a nice day” and then “can I have it [coffee] for three dollars?”


Great idea it is to bring back those old manners which sound polite to ears and the heart. Hey wait, if you think it’s hard for you to change that soon, do not worry, Mr. Chilver at cafe has displayed this sign for a gimmick to ignite a change but the same is not enforced on you. So go and ask for a cup of coffee, politely :)

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