Air crafts to go windowless in next 10 years!

There are always pros and cons of every single thing in this world. When we travel by air, we enjoy our journey by flying in the sky and peeping out of windows to get a glance of the nature and most importantly, by saving time! Not to forget the other side of this enjoyment, the aircraft you travel in emits an ample of amount of CO2, leaving the air polluted. This is the result of gallons of fuel that is burnt to fly the plane, which is too expensive! More the weight of aircraft, more is the amount of fuel that is burnt!

To tackle these problems, the Center got Process Innovation (CPI), an UK based organisation has come up with an innovative idea for the aviation Industry and that is, in approximately 10 years from now the air crafts would go windowless! Sounds adventurous and scary, but if that works, it would be a tremendous technological revolution.

I know you are thinking how experience would be. Watch it here:

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