10 reasons why you should quit your job and start living up your dream

Living your dream job and working from 9-5 for some company has a big difference. Though cracking your own dream is not that easy, but if you get one to live, your life is a heaven! Becoming a traveler, a photographer, a scuba instructor, a painter or an artist, these names portray a beautiful dream isn’t? No doubt hard/smart work is essential in any field you are, but working on your dream job has an all together amazing charm.

As they say,



Here’s why you should quit your boring job and look for something you can die for:

1. The level of satisfaction and happiness would spur in the sky!


2. Nobody is your boss, you are free to explore yourself and the world!

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3. You can live your life your way! #travel #DroolOnFood #business #friends #family #money :D



4. No one to report to, all you need to do is live your dream.


5. You may get broke while working on your dream job. As long as you wish, but do not neglect your dream job!

Wherever you go i will follow


6. Your dream job would yield more profit and an inspiration to someone because it has your interest+dedication+money!



7. No more long working hours, no more unpaid leaves, but everyday at passionate work!


8. You don’t have to create any fake story for leaves but it’s on you to decide on what limit you wish to take your presence felt!


9. You would be able to cull out time for your partner, that results in your happiness.


10. You would be one among those few lucky, passionate people who live their life according to their passion!


I don’t know if I can do all these someday when I’ll get to live my dream :D So excited for the day to come, the day where we’ll live our passionate dream. All the best!

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