This boy was forced to leave school as his hands weighed 8kgs each!

I am frequently in thoughts about what I have and what I desire. I always have a complaint for what I do not possess but when I come across people who have almost nothing, I literally get annoyed on myself. You might be wondering what am I writing about? OK, let me tell you about this specially abled boy from India.


Mohammad Kaleem from India was forced to leave school because of his hands which weighs 8 kilograms each and 13 inches from the middle finger to his palm! According to doctors he disease is unrecognizable but it is thought the boy is suffering from either flymphangioma or hamartoma. His parents hardly earn rupees 1200 a month and desperate for someone who can help their son overcome the misery. The boy was quoted in The Sun saying :“The teacher says other kids are scared of my hands. When I used to go to school, many of them would say, ‘Let’s beat up the kid with the large hands.”


Shahim, the father claimed that the school had told him that it would not be responsible if other children mocked Kaleem. His parents are too worried for their son as they do not have enough money to get the treatment done.

Are you feeling that you are the lucky one on earth and should not complaint every now and then? May be I am guessing it right. Instead of doing all this, how about rendering a helping hand to the people in need? This would release a fountain of satisfaction in you. Trust me it works.

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