12 things that are bound to happen when a girl has a guy roommate

I believe that hostel life is the best phase of life for anyone. We get to do such things that we must have only imagined during our childhood days. Life is one huge picnic during the hostel days.

Not only for the fun part, but staying alone also teaches us a lot. What makes it more interesting is when people of different gender are made room mates. I being a girl, can relate to certain things – both good and bad when we have a guy room mate.

People say it’s uncommon for a girl and a guy to live together. The society would look at them with suspicious, constantly thinking that they are in a ‘Live-in-Relationship’. But think about it. Can’t two friends, just be friends and stay together?

All in all it’s fun, but there are a certain things which are bound to happen when a girl has a guy roommate. Go ahead, check them out!

1. The maid refuses to dry your bra out but will happily put his underwears on the window.
Okay, why do girls need to hide their things? Their clothes have the right to get to be dried in the sun too!



2. The beer bottle woes
If she finds beer bottles in your room, she’ll say- “Sahab peete hain par aapko nahi peena chaiye. Aap ladki ho naa.” I mean WTF! (You shouldn’t drink because you’re a girl.)


3. The spoon that got lost today will be later found lying somewhere below the TV shelf.
Today it was spoon, yesterday it was my handkerchief, day before that, earphones. Why do the guys have to constantly forget where they kept things? I mean, how difficult is it to remember such basic stuff?
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4. Eew! Guys’ sweat! Too much of your money is spent on buying room fresheners.
Eeeoww. Where’s the stink coming from? – Everyday story.

5. People will say- “Oh, you’re living with a guy? Zaroor kuch chal raha hai!”
Why? Why WHY?! Can’t a girl and a guy, just be friends?

6. Guys refuse to date you thinking that you’re dating your room-mate.
And they’ll be like- You’re living with a guy? *kill me already*

7. You spend days stocking your junk food items and your roommate finds them. That’s the end of it. Over, in his tummy!
The sadist. I could kill him for stealing my food.

8. But he does get friends home and some of them are hot guys!
Brownie points, yo!


9. He’ll do the manual and physical work.
He cleans the fans, goes to pay the bills, moves heavy furniture, and picks up stuff! You’re the Queen.


10. He’ll be with you when you’re too scared to be alone in the lift at late nights.
Yes, he does become your savior in the dark.
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11. You get to see the other side of the world. Explore things how guys do!
I consider myself lucky for the same!

12. But gradually, you realize that a guy is any day a better room-mate than a girl.
Have one and you will never regret!


Girls, if you have a guy roommate, do share your experiences with me in the comments section below. Guys, if you want me to write on how it is, to have a girl roommate, let me know. I’ll come up with one soon!

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Written by Sreejoni Nag