Brand Manager eats pasta off a Subway floor to prove his product!

I am loyal to the place I work and am pretty sure you too are the same, for your company, college or your loved ones. But going beyond loyalty is something which we seldom come across.

No matter how well your vacuum cleaner works, it will always be awful to see someone eating food off the subway floor. Yes, a brand manager of Bissell Canada ate pasta which he threw on subway floor after cleaning the floor by his companies newly launched vacuum cleaner! To add more, he also pour some sauce on the floor and used bread to eat it from the floor.

Watch the video here:

As a part of promotion for the new Bissell vacuum cleaner, Ravi Balchand, the brand manager of the company promoted the product going way beyond loyalty. The Canadian company claims that their product removes 99.9% germs and bacteria from the floor. However, CO.CREATE points out that approximately 400,000 people pass the subway floor everyday and the shoes carry fecal matter too.

I am sure you would never want to eat something off a subway floor no matter how many times it is cleaned. What’s your reaction on this new style of promoting a product?

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