10 years old Goldfish had a surgery to remove lethal brain tumor

Life is valued no matter how small the living existence is.

Humans often tend to believe that they are the superior living beings on the planet and the rest have lesser importance. Only few bother and the number seizes to countable when it comes to giving significance to others’ lives. For instance, a heart touching story of a Goldfish owner in Australia made my day, giving a relief after reading about the love that exists between the owner and the Goldfish named ‘George’.

I was truly astonished to know that the owners of George were in so much love with it that after discovering brain tumor they did not allow the fish to count its last days but they got it to a hospital and agreed for a $1oo operation. It had to undergo a 45 minutes operation to remove the lethal tumor at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

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 See what the Hospital, said on its Facebook page:


This blessed Goldfish is expected to live another 20 years. Long live the small creature, when bestowed with love and pamper.

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