8 tips to increase your productivity if you work from home on a daily basis

Working from home can get a bit boring and can make work seem uninteresting. The worst it can do to you is make you feel socially anxious because of lack of interaction with people outside home. Sometimes, family can make it difficult to focus at work because of their lack of understanding that your work is a serious business.

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Here are 8 best tips to make sure you get more done at your work desk when you work from home.

1. List your tasks.

A slow day at your work desk can result into an entire day spent on your work desk. List down a few tasks at your desk so you can work on something professionally good if you find your current task boring.

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2. Use work desk for work.

Sitting at your work station browsing clothes or gadgets is a big time-waster. Because you are home it becomes easy to click on an add popping on the corner of the screen.  Just ask yourself, ‘would I click on an ad if I would have been at work at this moment?’ You know your answer!

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3. Define your work space.

I sit on a study table in my room to work. When I have people around watching TV in my room, I am completely distracted. Work becomes less serious and work issues begin because of careless mistakes here and there. What I do? I move my table to the other room so I am not distracted. I keep everything in order. Laptop, mouse, chargers, pens, coaster, and notebooks together. The table looks more like a work table and I am working seriously. No errors!


4. Get out of your house.

Sitting alone in the house working can seem boring for lack of social signals. At work, you have friends and boss to talk to, to chill for a few minutes with and to discuss work. You can step out and work from a co-working space or sit in a coffee shop to kick the blues away.

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5. Stick to a daily schedule!

People think if you are freelancer, you are free to work at any time of the day. Some people do find it all right to work at any time of the day but if you are the one who likes to enjoy the rest of the day without thinking about work, then you have to schedule your tasks for the day.


8 am -10 am: blogging,

10 am -11 am: content discussion,

11 am -11.15 am: break!

11.15 am -1.15 pm: write for the xyz client,

1.15 pm -1.45 pm: lunch!

1.45 pm – 3.45 pm: work on copy:

3.45 pm on wards : get out of the house for yoga class and enjoy the rest of your day!

6. Have proper breaks!

Not taking proper breaks can lead to becoming over-worked or bored. So keep time off for breaks from work. But if there is an urgency you could avoid taking break and go for it when the work is over so your mind is free to enjoy the break and not thinking about the task at hand.


7. Keep in touch with friends and family.

Feeling lonely? Call up mom and friends! Skype or call your friends and have a great time being in touch with the best people in your life.

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8. Pick a new hobby.

Learn to swim, join dancing classes or just go out for yoga. Keep your goals and enjoy when you achieve them. For example, if you master a handstand in your yoga class, celebrate with a dance or go out that day. Keep a tougher yoga pose as your next goal.



Follow the rules and you will see a definite change in the way you work and perform.

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