The response “Carry your weight together” got will restore your faith in humanity

Emma Sulkowicz’s fight to bring her to justice began by carrying around her mattress on which the dreadful incident happened. It has now reached to a level where this burden is not limited to her own, people have come up and joined the movement as Emma fights back.

Emma’s spirit to endure and persistence to  fight for a fair play has gone viral across the social media and in campus itself. People are joining the battle with her, helping her in various ways, along with women all over the campus giving her a hand in carrying the weight around to the class, meals and even home after the college. This shows the ultimate attitude of people towards a fight for legitimacy for a damsel who just refused to back down.

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This project has got a lot of help from  many students, amongst which is a Barnard going Allie Rickard who has formed a group of activists which helps Emma in carrying the mattress around and they also protest other such sexual violences under the same hashtag.

It is a very commendable step taken by Emma, but what’s even more commendable is the fellow students who have helped her to make her voice reach the masses. We can just hope that Emma is brought to justice soon.

Well, if you still want to know more about Emma Sulkowicz’s fight, you can click on to the previous article I wrote about Emma Sulkowicz. If you can’t be present there and help her personally, the least you can do is to share this piece of information further and create more awareness about this brave woman, who is a prime example to many.

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