What these pissed off Pakistani passengers did to an ex minister is commendable

Abdul Rehman Malik, Pakistan’s ex Interior Minister was not allowed to board a plane for delaying the flight for 2 hours. Not only that, about 220 passengers had to wait for it. It can be seen in the video that the flight attendants are clearly pissed off at him. When they were waiting for him, they were very much adamant to make him apologize for this callous act of his.

After 2 hours when Abdul Malik arrived, the flight attendants clearly told him to come back and apologize to them and the other passengers, but instead of a single sign of either regret or shame, Abdul Malik started abusing them. The attendant said that they don’t care about him any more as he wasn’t any minister now, but still Malik walked out, abusing them as he went.

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