Taking selfies is fun, but not for this guy. He died while taking one.

In the technically blooming world, it would be surprising if one hasn’t come across the word ‘selfie’. Countless debates have been done on this method of clicking self pictures by front camera of smartphones. Such a rage it is, that from celebrities round the world to normal people – everybody is into this mad bandwagon. Some studies have shown that people who click a lot of selfies need help while some say that they are good.

Of many cases reported about the selfies, one of them is the most shocking, horrifying and dreadful case which was reported. Oscar Otero Aguilar, 21, was reportedly drinking with his friends in northern Mexico City. This young man’s Facebook account contained a lot of selfies and other pictures which proved how crazy a selfie lover he was. While drinking, in this condition, he was trying to click a selfie and what happened next has left the world aghast. He had a gun in one hand and while adjusting it prior taking a selfie with it, he was shot dead by himself. It is pretty obvious that the gun was loaded.

‘I heard a gunshot, and then I heard somebody screaming and realized somebody had been hurt. I called the police straight away and when they arrived they found that he was still alive,’ neighbor Manfredo Paez Paez said, according to the Daily Mirror. Oscar died at the scene and an autopsy is arranged, according to Excelsior.

Following the incident which happened last week, one out of the two friends with whom Oscar was drinking, Omar Abner Campos Vives was arrested. The other friend named ‘El Paco’ ran away.

Apparently, this selfie was supposed to go Oscar’s Facebook account. Previously, he had taken a lot of pictures with alcohol bottles and cars. If we must say, the darker side of this rage has started showing up and we can only imagine how hazardous it can get. If you are also a selfie lover, thin twice before you take a selfie.

Selfie gets him killed

Image source: Facebook