21 hilarious ‘must-read’ tweets about Salman Khan’s Kick!

Finally, Salman Khan’s much awaited and highly looked up to film ‘Kick’ was released yesterday. It stars Salman Khan in the lead role, while Jacqueline Fernandez, Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui appear in supporting roles. It is a remake of the Telugu film of the same name, and the screenplay was adapted by Nadiadwala and Chetan Bhagat.

We won’t really bore you with a detailed review of the film, but what we will do is that bring out a list of hilarious tweets by people on Twitter post release of this film. These people were genuinely frustrated with the movie and you’ll see how.

So go on, read them, laugh out loud, share with your ‘Bhai’ fans and then get back to worshiping Salman yet again, because #bhairoxx, right?

1. We’d rather not say a word about his driving skills! Oh, before you jump to any conclusions, this isn’t the former Indian cricketer.



2. This guy sure knows some Math.


3. This guy looks genuine. Kindly contribute.


4. Statutory warning, people.


5. How does this one look to you all?


6. Did anyone else get a free kick here?


7. Only because he’s an ‘Adarsh’ reviewer (pun intended)


8. The mystery has finally been solved.


9. Did I mention that he gave 4.5 stars to Kick? Yeah. Hence the frustration. Fair enough.


10. Meanwhile, that’s Salman Khan on his Facebook


11. I know, you’re not the only one.


12. Now, did you know that?


13. Seriously, it’s high time we get bullet trains.


14. Dear lord, please make it happen soon. Like real soon, okay?


15. The truth has been told.


16. Damn you, irony.


17. Haah! How can we forget this joke?


18. And then they blame me when I question their intellect.


19. That’s your classic ‘Adarsh Baalak’ (pun intended, yet again)


20. Yes. Yes. YESSSS!


21. This has to be post movie trauma.


Have you watched the movie? Have anything to say about it? We’re eager to know. Drop your comments right in the comment section below.