10 reasons why you should absolutely date a girl who’s a Virat Kohli fan

Do girls keep on hitting at you all the time? Do you get a lot of “Dude, you are always surrounded by girls, think about us!” from your male friends? Are you one of those popular guys who get a lot of attention from females? Here’s a tip for some quick dating. When you see a good looking girl around, ask her just one simple question. Do you like Virat Kohli? Analyze her answers this way:

If she says no, (which will happen once in 999999999999 times, because this is Virat Kohli we’re talking about) – move on.

This is almost bound to happen – if she says yes – Let’s date!

Now you will be curious about how this will be useful, right? Well of course I’ll justify my stance; with not single, but multiple reasons. Here you go. Oh, thank me later when you take her out!

1.  The swearing of course

She will be an ‘MCBC’ graduate. You don’t have to be afraid about any troublemaker harassing your girl. Be it at her workplace or late night long drives. The moment anybody will try and come in her way she’ll shoot out the MCBCs in no time. What’s more, even when she’s with you, if you come across a bitter situation, she’ll come forward and speak out all those gaalis in your place!

Kareena abusing

2. Style Quotient

I have been a die hard Virat Kohli fan for over a century now and I can assure you something. Okay fiiineee, I’m exaggerating about that century thing because – Virat Kohli (*drools*). So yes, a die hard Virat Kohli fan can write a book about style quotient. She’ll always be watchful about her hairstyle and will have all the latest trends on her fingertips. If you are lucky you might get a Ray Ban wayfarer as your next gift.

Virat Kohli cool


3. No Date Vs. Cricket fights 

You will be one among those very few lucky couples who can enjoy a cricket match together. Imagine not going through all the “You-love-cricket-more-than-you-love-me” drama. You might have to go through a series of stupid questions like “why are they wearing white today?”, or “where is the blue uniform?”; but the moment Kohli will enter, your girl will automatically STFU as she’ll be busy watching him perform. And we all know Kohli rarely walks back early to the pavilion hence you can enjoy the match with all your heart.

Virat date


4. You can slobber over Anushka Sharma 

You do like to watch the Rab ne banadi jodi girl, don’t you? Well, your girl will be jealous of her and inquisitive at the same time, so she would not miss a single chance to find a fault in her. Just keep one thing in mind, nod to everything she says and the same time drool over the diva. Just FYI, nodding is important. Its a win-win situation for both of you!

Virat Anushka


5. Hate shaving? She’ll go mad for that disheveled look!

Sure, many of the girls complain about their guys not being presentable and being lazy all the time. Guess what? Your girl won’t be one of them. She will be so understanding that if you are not clean shaved, just tell her, “I am trying to get a Virat Kohli look just for you”. There. She’ll fall all in love with you again!

Virat Kohli beard


6. Excellence personified

Who doesn’t want to date an ambitious girl? For your girl, you don’t have to worry about her career plans as well. She is a Virat Kohli fan and she is bound to have a larger vision in life. She will not settle for anything average and she will be focused all the time. Ask me why? Well, don’t even get me started with all those success stories of Kohli. Just go ask your girl!

Virat Kohli's girl


7. Go get Inked 

Do you love getting inked? She will be more than happy if you are interested in getting a tattoo done. You just have to tell her, “Baby, you have seen Virat Kohli’s tattoos. They are cool, aren’t they? I am planning to get one too.” She just cannot say no to that. Period.

Virat Kohli tatto


8. A Celkon phone will be the best gift

However high maintenance she might be, a Celkon phone will be the best gift for her as Virat is the brand ambassador of Celkon. You don’t have to worry buying those expensive iPhones. P.S. I’m not promoting Celkon, but if the Celkon management is reading this, I don’t really mind :D

Virat Kohli Celkon


9. No compromise

She will fight till the end to be the best. Come on, she is a Kohlian, she won’t like to lose. Compare her with anybody you like and she’ll beat that person in no time. No kidding here, but that’s the level of enthusiasm Kohli fans have in them.

Virat Ileana


10. She loves cricket

The bottom line is that she love the same sport as you do. That way she will be far better than those girlfriends whose favorite past time is to shop rather than watching Virat Kohli play. Not to forget, you will love spending time with her.

Virat Kohli


So guys, get set, ask your crush out, mentally thank Virat Kohli and in the comment section below, do tell me how did your date go!

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Written by Priyanka J Patel