20 reasons why every Indian should look forward to Indian Premier League 2015

We all are now very much aware of the concept of the Indian Premier League. To all those who live in a different world, here is the summation. It’s a game of cricket played between different teams which are made regionally. However there is more to it than just the definition. The IPL has became an important tournament in people’s lives. Be it supporting your favorite team or a player, the tournament is like one big gala celebration.

This will be the 8th season of the Indian Premier League and surely it promises lots of entertainment and some good cricket. With less than a few hours to go for the IPL season 8 to start, here are some of the reasons which will make you all the more excited for the tournament.

1. Grand, funny and glamorous opening ceremony

Well the tournament spends a good sum of money in organizing its opening ceremony and then some of the biggest stars are held responsible to make it a huge success. With megastar Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor set to perform, the IPL opening ceremony on April 7 in Kolkata promises to be a glitzy and a glamorous affair. So be it shaking a leg with Pitbull or SRK teasing Virat or Priyanka Chopra trying to make CSKians dance, the opening ceremony will actually entertain you for 2 long hours.

2. Interesting clashes

In the previous seasons we surely have seen some classic game of cricket. Few of the nail biting encounters definitely would have put you into a coma for sometime. Be it hitting the six in the last ball to win the game or taking the last wicket just before the final ball, IPL will surely give you some interesting moments to remember later.

3. Excitement level rises above the bar

If you have seen it live or on the TV, I am sure you must have jumped and spilled your tea, or danced on that one and only tune of IPL or would have got angry and kicked something or somebody. If you are a crazy cricket fan, you would have done it all. Keep the surroundings clear people, IPL is to start soon.

4. Old rivalries

I am sure you would have trolled someone on social media or someone would have trolled you on the basis of your team’s performance. Old rivalries already exist and it just gets stronger with the passing of every season on IPL. Be it the evergreen Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs. Chennai Super Kings or Mumbai Indians Vs Rajasthan Royals, all such clashes give their fans something to celebrate about or cry about later.


5. Talent unleashed

Indian Premeier League is known for giving a platform to all those kids who perform well at the domestic level. And it has done justice to its purpose. Some of the members of World Cup Squad have risen from IPL – Mohit Sharma, Rohit Sharma, Shami to name a few.

6. Hotness – check

What do you expect? These cricketers work day in day out in the gym, they have their tough practice sessions and then their green leafy diet, everything combined gives them a glow packed face, six pack abs and a body to die for. I have heard girls watch IPL too. Well now you know the reason.

P.S. – Do not get me wrong here, there are some genuine female fans here who love the game of cricket, and who can actually tell you the difference between LBD and LBW. So peace.


7. Viranushka

Oh well I do not have to elaborate here. You have seen the NH10 star in Australia, you have seen people trolling her, you have seen her walking hand in hand with Virat and lastly you have seen her missing the #RainaKiShadi ka function along with Virat and both of them along with Saroj Aunty (Virat’s Mother) were seen at the Bombay airport. (If at all you were wondering about the hot couple latest update).

So now when IPL is here, what will be the next move of the couple. Will they announce their marriage in one of the matches or will Anushka miss the RCB matches? Trust me, how much ever we say that we don’t care, the thing is the moment we see the couple’s new capture, or any write up or news in that matter, we do go gaga in our head.


8. Ziva – the new CSKian

Ziva is totally clueless about what CSK is and what IPL is, but still the fans are waiting to have one look at her. The twitter world will go crazy and Ziva will be in top trends, if at all we will get a clear picture of her. (Babies can rule the world, I tell you). However we are desperately waiting to see the little baby girl in the yellows cheering for her much loved dad. And as we already saw how Dhoni is over protective about his new born, I am sure she will be possessive about the team too.


9. KC. Cariappa – The Mystery

People who have also followed the auction know that the Karnataka rookie who has been purchased for an astonishing sum of USD 400,000, 24 times his base price will be a mystery to watch. Not because of his name, but because we have not heard of him anytime in the near past. He already has high expectations from the KKR fans. Let us see how well he justify his price money.


10. The other side of Raina

Now as we all know Raina has tied the knot, we all would love to see the other side of Raina. Will he dedicate his victory to Priyanka, will he smile when camera will capture her, or will he be the same straight faced Suresh Raina who just knows how to hit sixes on the most difficult ball. Well obviously expressions do not play a major role, but trust me these small little things make IPL worth watching isn’t it?


11. Super Overs

It is not for the people with weak heart, but otherwise, super overs are the best time in the IPL. Every single ball looks like a treasure hunt and we already warn our parents, DO NOT DISTURB US OR TOUCH THE REMOTE. We all go in a different world all together during super overs.


12. International connect

Though we all know it is cricket and international collaboration is a normal thing, but still for youngsters it will be one of the great opportunities to get trained under the legends of the cricketing world.


13. Celeb love

If you want to have a closer look of your favorite celebrity, (Shilpa Shetty, SRK, Priety Zinta, Katrina, Ranbir visits sometimes) just go to one of the IPL matches and you can see them live cheering for their respective teams.


14. Show some love

Now when the dust settles over Mauka Mauka and India India, it is now time to cheer for your state. Go whsitle podu or #ApneMunde and cheer for your favourite team. Be loyal, get involved in (Logical) discussions, enjoy the game of cricket.


15. Helicopter aa raha hai

It is that time of the year when Dhoni loves to hit his classic shot (Helicopter) most of the times. And we all love the moment, don’t we? From the time when the ball kisses the middle of the bat to the time when ball flies in the air for the monstrous six, that entire time frame is priceless. Half of the population smiles and appreciates the shot every single time it is hit.


16. Virat’s sometimes cute sometimes angry reactions

If we have Dhoni to entertain us with his helicopter shot, we have Virat who apart from his batting entertains us with his instant reactions, smile and celebrations. Will he again give away the flying kiss to his girl or will he jump off in air for the celebration or will he just smile and celebrate his innings. Again fans scrutinize every single move he makes as it makes them happy. This is a small but again one of the interesting parts of the IPL.


17. Fights

Not something we look forward to, but then it’s a high adrenaline game and anything can happen. People can throw their bats in the air or can fight with their own friends. We are still not over the Virat-Gambhir clash, hope we don’t get anything to see alike in this season.


18. Some great games

Keeping the glamour, WAGs and entertainment quotient aside, we are sure to see some fantastic game of cricket.


19. Who will be the new winner?

Will it be CSK again for the millionth time or will RCB break the curse and win this time or we will have a new winner all together? The mystery will be solved soon. Fasten your seat belts people, IPL is almost here.


20. Finally, it’s cricket

Oh yes, it is one of those games we Indians follow religiously. Yes, our own Indian team is divided into different teams but still the love for the game remains the same. Dhoni will still hit those monstrous sixes, Virat will still play that almost perfect straight drive, Rohit Sharma whenever in form will hit those double centuries. In a nut shell, again this tournament is here to give you some great entertainment and a great game of cricket. Just take out your team’s jerseys and get ready, India ka Tyohaar is here.


So what is your reason to watch IPL 8? Let us know in the comment section below.

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