11 reasons why everyone both loved and hated Fast and Furious 7

After Paul Walker’s sudden death, Fast and Furious 7 went through many changes in the script as well as in the story. Vin Diesel and other actors from the movie have announced that the movie is a tribute to Paul Walker who was like a “family”. We all miss Paul Walker don’t we? Though the movie has used Paul’s brothers to finish the rest of the scenes, the movie is something that everyone wanted to watch and that’s the reason why Fast and Furious 7 has 70 Crore over the last weekend. However, many people have both hated and loved the movie. Here’s why-

1. Driving a cool car from one building in Abu Dhabi to the second building and then the third is just so unrealistic! 

“Kya Rajnikanth ka idea tha woh stunt?” Seemed like we are watching some south Indian movie or a movie directed by either Rajanikanth or Rohit Shetty. :/



car driving


2. Paul Walker had more car accidents and insane stunts than ever. “Humey pata hai woh car accident mein mara!”

Watching him do all that made us miss and remember him thousand times more! :(

insane stunts


3. Torreto jumps his car off a building to hit the helicopter. What???

So unrealistic that we had to say, “Ye toh Salmaan Khan ne bhi kya hai”

vin diesel


4. Torreto’s gang decided to jump out of an airplane in their cars . They open their parachutes, land safely on the road and drive their cars. Unbelievable!

“Who decided this funny stunt? Uski jaan leni hai muje”

Furious 7 - C-130 Sequence


5. When Torreto does not wake up, Michelle cries and tells him that she remembered everything. Just like the Indian movies…? “Muje sab yaad agya hai Rahul”

michelle and vin diesel


6. For the first time, the movie had more romantic scenes than ever. 

“Kardi na Indian movies waali baat”



7. Tribute to Paul Walker in the end of the movie is the only reason most of the people liked the movie.

RIP Paul Walker… :'(

paul walker


8.  Danearys’ translator Missandei aka Nathalie Emmanuel plays the role of a pretty and intelligent hacker, Ramsey.

It was good to see her outside of Game of Thrones. Second thing we loved in the movie.

ramsey new


9. Ramsey jumps into another car and nothing happens to her or her laptop. 

“Rajnikaanth ka laptop tha kya”



10. The movie star, Ali Fazal aka Zafar in Fukrey gets his first international debut in the movie.

He plays Ramsey’s friend in Abu Dhabi. His accent sounded more like he was a Russian. Third thing we liked in the movie!



11. Rock (Dwayne Johnson) tears the plaster on his arms with the help of his muscles. 

Can someone really do this? If yes, show me!!!



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