15 things only a person looking for a job in India will understand

The school and college lives have their own shares of fun, happiness and little joys. Those students who think they’ll have a better life after they’re done studying, they’re clearly in for a surprise.

Most of us remember our first jobs pretty well. More than that, the struggles we faced to find the job are too painful to forget! Not only basic challenges, people looking for a job have to face a lot of other things too. Check them out!

1. There’s always a Sharma Ji ka beta who is working in an MNC and is doing better than you!

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2. During college, you loved to waste your time doing nothing, no, you are forced to do so and are not sure if or not you love it.

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3. You have a constant fear of wearing formal clothes, and at the same time, you are equally pumped up for it!


4. You constantly keep updating your CV, have downloaded multiple CV formats and looked for the best ways to make it look good. 

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5. You have begun talking to long lost seniors and relatives for any sort of link you could use for a prospective job.

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6. Your mail box is full of job offers from Monster and Naukri. What’s more, 99% of the jobs are useless for you.


7. You have started being active on LinkedIn, even though you are clueless about what to do there.


8. You have probably removed “Works at not yet working….m still studin :D” from your Facebook profile. If you haven’t, make sure you are not landing on a good job any time soon.

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9. You now think of the other career options you could have chosen.

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10. The thought of making your start-up crosses your mind 10 times a day.


11. At the end of each day when you lose motivation to keep looking for a job, you think of joining a call center.

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12. You have already made epic plans of what you’ll do with your first salary. Till then, you hesitate asking for money from parents.


13. Being a beard loving guy, you dread the thought of being clean shaved for the rest of your life.

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14. But still, not losing hope for once, you keep the search going and that my friend, is how you will find the perfect job!


And are confident as f**k! Go for it!

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15. Finally when you do get the job, you’ll be like – 

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Have you been through the phase and think I am missing out any points? Do let me know in the comments section below!

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