15 reasons why the song ‘oh laal dupatte waali’ was never about the dupatta!

If you don’t remember watching the much loved movie, Aankhein, boss, you have totally missed on a lot of entertainment, including the ways the actors made out during their songs. Don’t believe us? Check this out!

1. It was all about getting un-dressed or let’s say preparing the girls to get undressed!

o laal dupatte waaliSource

2. Next move is to ‘get close!’

chest blaster

3. Really close! (Suggesting group sex)

cheek to cheek

4. Wow! This is the best place to look at while asking her for it.

talking to her chest

5. The ‘that felt so-oo-00 good’ expressions…

group sex

6. You give me fever! *strong pelvic thrusting*

you give me fever

6. This is how to make the boys do the ‘Balle Balle’!
And we go, “WTF is happening! Is this some dance step?”


7. “Oye-hoye, oye-hoye
Take notice of their million dollar expressions!

then the boys go oye hoye

oye hoye

the girls

oye hoye 2

8. Here’s what actually happened in the song.

http---makeagif.com--media-1-02-2015-GoUmyp (1)

lifting the kurta

9. The girls lost their wits to their constant requests!

yeh khidki nahi khulti

10. Chunky lost his wits too! “Hi, this is Chunky, all the way from Rageshwari’s kurta. And I am loving it.”

in the kurta

11. Suddenly the scene moves to a Punjab Camp Dance Competition where the girls and the boys started competing against each other. Though the boys didn’t lose their tracks they started requesting the girls with code words like, “Aha-Aha”.

oh soniye aha aha

12. When the girls didn’t show any interest, the boys candidly told exactly what the girls will miss on if they won’t say a yes. “Tu pyaar se tang aaegi, pyaar itna karengey”

pyaar itna karenge 1

13.  The girls went with the flow and told the boys using their ‘touchy-feely-language’.

Tauba meri tauba

14. What happened after that was fierce, the boys started taking their clothes off! :/

mukkaddar bigad gaye

15. And all this was happening only for one audience, their monkey who has been enjoying the entire song without even blinking his eyes. 

the monkey

We think, he got the hint from the boys!

Here’s the entire song. We bet it will make your day. :)