14 things you should never say to your girlfriend

Being in love is the most beautiful thing ever! The times spent, the many things done together from cooking to skiing to washing the dirty dishes, the beautiful things said to each other that you both keep remembering and feeling great about each other BUT you never ever these 15 things to your girlfriend if you want to survive with a loving relationship with her! :)

Here is your cheat sheet!

1. “You used to look really gorgeous when I used to see you at the blah blah blah…”

No! Never tell her she used to look great. She would probably think you don’t like the way she looks now or you are suggesting her to get a make over done.


And don’t even say something like this-

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2. “Have you gained a little weight, baby?”

What this question means to her? – “You are fat now!” You are actually inviting an argument


3. “The new girl in the office is wonderful to hang around in the office with. She is cool.”

What this question means to her?- You are attracted to this new chick. Get ready to see the insecure side of her.

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4. “You should learn to cook”

What this question means to her?-  “You don’t cook good food” or, “You should learn to cook so that when we get married and you quit your job, you could be our full-time cook and help mother with the household chores.” She is an independent woman she would never like to be told that she has to cook food when she quits her job after marriage.here is the deal I am awesome


5. “You have changed a lot from what you used to be”

What this question means to her?- “You aren’t that cool any more and you have turned into a sad, boring person.”I am done with this shir


6. “I don’t like your mother”

What this question means to her?- You are going to get her mad, REALLY MAD!

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7. “Can I kiss you, baby?”

You are a spoiler! Surprise her with kiss.

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8. “Is that what you are going to wear, hon?”

What this question means to her?- “This dress looks trashy.”

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9. “She is hot.”

Get ready! She is going to introduce you to the hottest guy she knows to make you jealous. After all, you asked for it!

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10. “It is a guy thing, you won’t understand!”

She will think that you are calling her stupid and that the times spent with the boys is much fun than the time spent with her.

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11. “I was always like this you knew it, right?”

You were not that great and you are telling her you will never get better too. BIG MISTAKE.shhh


12. “My Ex told me this or that!”

She told you to never speak to your ex. If she hasn’t? You still should have avoided talking to her.


13. “You will not understand”

Why won’t she, mister?

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14. “The girls who play football or video games are hot.”

They want you to take the corrective approach and include them in your practice or gaming sessions, teach them what you find hot. This also sends them a message that you don’t like her much and you know it is not a good thing.

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So hello, ladies! Go ahead, share this post with your guy to let him know how you feel.

PS: Work on making your relationship sweeter! :D