20 things a girl experiences when she has a little sister

There is nothing as beautiful as to have a younger sister. The special bond that you both share is irreplaceable and cherishing. Though there are times when you both turn into your enemies, but those moments don’t stay for long because of the depth-less love you both have for each other.

Here are 20 things that you will experience if you have a younger sister.

1. As a kid you always thought your parents have got a real baby doll for you to play with.

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2. Your childhood was spent thinking that now you have a permanent company at home and school.

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3. You sometimes felt a little sad about sharing your candies and chocolates with her.

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4. You had a permanent playmate at home with you. 


5. You love dressing your younger sister up and doing her make up.


6. And when you were young, you would give your little sister a new hair-do every second day.

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7. In your childhood, you got blamed for all the fights because you are the elder sister, and so very intelligent to pick up fights.


8. When you were both kids, it was always nice to see your little sister copy and follow you. 

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9. You can always declare yourself the cooler one because you were born first and so you know things better than she does because she came later on the mother earth.

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10. Your little sister would tell your parents about you staying up late at nights especially when you both have a fight.

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11. You were blackmailed many times  by your younger sister. You had to give her monye, your toys, chocolates, etc. in exchange for keeping your secrets safe.

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12. You had scary moments thinking what if your little sister tells your parents about your alcoholic parties and dates.

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13. It was quite nice to see your little sister wear your old clothes while you got brand new clothes all the time.

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14. There were times when you had to get out of the movie hall or skip watching a scary movie because your little sister always got too scared watching them.


15. Your parents told you to set a good example for your little sister.


16. You lost some of your toys because of your little sister.

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17. You spent most of your time working as a never paid baby sitter. :/


18. Now that you both have grown up, you cherish all the years spent together!


19. Your little sister now acts like your very well trained excuse maker to spare you from stupid people who are always a pile on. She also helps you get to your dates every Saturday by coming up with creative excuses to tell your parents. 

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20. You love bitching about the basic bitches at work with her.

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Do you have any memories with your younger sister? Share with us in the comments section below!

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