15 lessons that we learned from Indian fairness cream commercials

India is a country with varied diversity of people, caste, religion, and with varied skin color. Various companies and brands lock horns in the Indian market, to make Indians white. Television advertisements are one of the greatest medium to lure customers, but sowing the seed of irrational concepts are creating differences among many is a serious issue and hardly few of them crack it. Your heart is bound to transform your behavior, your mood, and a complete you but NOT your skin tone.

Ironically, let’s take some of the illogical lessons that Indian fairness advertisements have taught us:

1. If you wish to patch up with your ex, just apply fairness cream and go pure white or pinkish white

2. Skin burn, rashes, pimples or a complete treatment? Not to worry, all you need to do is apply a fairness cream

3. If we apply fairness cream we would get top post in a big company

4. It is beauty and fairness which attracts people. So just apply fairness cream and you will rock the world.

5. Is it difficult to get paparazzi being an anchor behind the play? No worries, fairness creams are at rescue.

6. Fair men attract more attention than dusky biker men, they have actually proved it.

7. If you want your husband’s never ending love, apply fairness cream.

8. In winters, just apply fairness cream to look better than in summers and get selected in a modeling project.

9. The confidence level before auditions/projects is boosted up by applying a fairness cream.

10. If we apply fairness cream, people we meet will greet us with ‘wow’!

11. Shahrukh Khan became superstar not just because of his acting, but because he used fairness cream too.

12. Men alert: If you want to live your life stress-free, apply men’s fairness cream.

13. Men who want more: Just gift them fairness cream every time you visit.

14. To read someone’s inner mind and thoughts, just be a regular user of men’s fairness cream.

15. To get the perfect results in everything you wish, a six pack body too, just apply lemon extract fairness cream and you are done.

As we all know, beauty is never defined by the color of our skin. It is indeed our soul and the purity of heart. You are beautiful the way you are. There’s a small message hidden in this video for people of all complexions.