Zuckerberg’s reply to a troll calling Facebook’s cause for Ebola a marketing strategy is simply genius!

Ebola Virus Disease, EVD which is also simply known as Ebola is a disease caused in humans by ebolaviruses and other primates. According to WHO (World Health Organization), of 9,216 cases reported, 4,555 deaths have been caused due to Ebola. The world is suffering this lethal disease and it is only our duty to do the best of what we can, for this cause.

A very impressive and effective initiative has been taken by Facebook, where it asks people if they would like to donate for the cause. This message appears as soon as you login your  account.

Facebook Ebola message


Facebook Ebola


This is such a noble cause. However, not all can understand the intention behind it. There are some people who simply believe that this is a marketing strategy. What got me excited was Mark Zuckerberg replied to one of these trolls and proved that indeed the money is going for a good cause. It was also pleasantly surprising to see him not ignoring such messages and replying so politely!

Mark Zuckerberg reply


There has to be just one word for you, Mark – Respect!

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