This video shows why India is so filthy and how each of us can bring a change

Have you ever visited foreign countries in America, Europe or Northern part of Asia? If not, I am sure you must have seen them in movies. How clean and pretty they look! We feel like watching them over and over. They do have filthy streets but their better roads and their attitude for cleanliness cover them.

There are rarely any Hollywood movies which portray India’s better side, but do we actually have one? Yes we do, very few cities which are clean from all the directions, not only houses, but streets and stores too.

If your house is clean, why not your streets too! If you contribute in cleaning your streets, your city would be clean, numerous benefits will make their way and there are many we all are aware of! Watch this inspirational video to get you started!

I am starting from today, are you with me to join this great cause for cleanliness around you?