Cricket heartthrob Yuvraj Singh just got appointed as Special Cricket Product Consultant and Brand Ambassador for UC Browser

A few days back, a crazy Yuvraj Singh fan just proved how popular he is, among the youth. The craze has gotten Yuvraj Singh to the next level – he just got appointed as a Product Specialist and Brand Ambassador, for UC Browser, UCWeb’s flagship mobile browser. What’s more, Yuvi and UC Browser jointly released a special version of UC Browser for cricket fans called, “UC Browser Yuvi Version.”

Yuvi UC

Yuvi’s fame and craze is massive, it is known by all. Looking forward to this exciting partnership, Kenny Ye, Managing Director of UCWeb India said, “Yuvraj Singh is an exceptional sportsperson and we are inspired by his dedication and passion for his sport. He has led India to innumerable victories, combining top-notch performances with power and speed. These are precisely the qualities embedded in our browser. We are confident that his expertise will add immense value to our product.”

So this is how it all happened – Yuvraj has been a regular user of UC Browser and its related apps. Last week, he took to a popular microblogging app to give suggestions to UCWeb on ways to improve its cricketing app, UC Cricket. Now this was followed by a quick revert from the company and a meeting with Yuvraj which culminated to him coming on board as a Product Specialist. The browser, for its part, will host Yuvraj-themed wallpapers on its homepage and give out memorabilia to millions of cricket fans across the country.

Yuvi UC 2

Talking about this, Yuvraj Singh said, “I am happy to be associated with a young and popular brand like UC Browser. It’s fresh, it’s fast and it has everything I look for while browsing on my mobile.” When probed about his new role as a UC Browser Product Specialist, he said, “I have been a regular user of cricketing apps – I am happy to provide my input as a consumer and make the product even more consumer friendly.”

You’re going to find this interesting if you’re a tech savvy cricket lover – the special UC Browser Yuvi Version allows users to share photos with a Yuvi doodle/sticker on it via popular SNS platforms. UC Browser provides an array of expressive stickers of Yuvi, so that users can share emotions with friends in funny or emotional ways. Suchay win for Yuvi fans, right?! :)

UC Browser special Yuvi version can be downloaded from and from 18th May 2015 onwards.

How excited are you, to start using the new Yuvi Version? Let us know in the comments section below!