Two times Tyrion gave us the best moments with the late King Joffrey. Every fan remembers!

Tell me if I am wrong!  Tyrion has been the only character who has never failed to impress us.

The half man, who impressed the guts out of us from the first time we saw and heard him talk, is the man who will go a long way. Besides being a totally carefree, alcoholic, intelligent and a strong character, Tyrion has been an ‘I-don’t-take-no-shit’ brat too. The only one who has served the late King Joffrey the treatment he deserved.

One of the true GOT fans, WesterosTales has created these 2 really cool videos from the best moments of when Tyrion gave it back to the late King Joffrey. We bet you will watch them over and over again.

OK! I know that’s too many slaps. But this scene where Tyrion punches the bastard Joffrey is totally a must watch.



Stopped the video because of too many punches? But feeling happy that you watched it because Joffrey deserved them? :)

PS: I know you never knew what happiness is until now. Now share and spread among friends. :P :D

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