[Funny] Relatives climb up the school building to help kids cheat in their 10th board exams

There is no doubt that every family wishes for their kids to pass their exams. Some wish them to grow up as abled individuals; some just need them to clear their exams to be able to survive in the rat race and some do not want to face shame or embarrassment. Siblings help each other. The elder sibling will sit down to support and teach concepts and even teach how to cheat. When everything fails and they know, ‘Pappu can’t pass saala’, they try creative ways to help their siblings clear the exams.

This is what happened when the 10th grade students went to appear for their board exams in Vaishali, Bihar. Their siblings and relatives went an extra mile to help and support the students.windows of opportunity

Can there be a better example of the phrase, ‘I will stand by you’?

Image and news courtesy Bhak Sala