6-year-old boy’s birthday gift is a thank you note from PM Modi

What a wonderful birthday gift it will be to receive a thank you note from none other than your country’s PM! 6-year-old kindergarten student, Bhavya Aawte from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh did something really extraordinary and received a thank you letter from Narendra Modi. Bhavya decided to celebrate his birthday by helping the poor. He used to witness their hard life while going to school every morning. Bhavya broke his piggy bank on his birthday which he celebrates on the 25th of January and donated 107 Rs. to the Prime Minister Relief Fund.


PM Narendra Modi sent a personalized thank you note to Bhavya which he received on 7th March. PM thanked the little boy for contributing to the lives of poor children.

Bhavya told NDTV

So with my grandfather’s help I wrote a letter to Modi uncle and also contributed Rs. 107 for the welfare of the poor children. I am very happy that Modi uncle acknowledged my contribution and thanked me through this letter.”

Bhavya’s grandfather is very proud of him. “Bhavya has a constant habit of asking questions. On his way to school he would often ask me why poor children did not go to school. I would tell him that they did not have money. This encouraged him to save money for them and I helped him send the money to the Prime Minister.”

Bhavya shared that he wants to save up more to help kids get proper nutrition and education from the government. Needless to say, the coming generation is more logical and generous than the adults we see from the present generation around us.