#Inspiration: An elephant visited this lodge in Kruger national park, you will not believe what he did

We think mankind is the only intelligent habitat on the earth but that is not true! There have been many times when humans have drawn inspiration from innocent animals. The experiences have been unbelievable and beautiful.

What happened at Thornhill Safari Lodge in South Africa is completely unimaginable. The lodge located in Kruger national park is quite used to animals stopping by and meeting the visitors.

elephant doing whart is unimaginable

Cameras have been installed around the lodge to keep a track on all the activities and for safety concerns. On a wonderful day, when no one was around a beautiful elephant made a visit to the lodge and what he did will completely shock you. You have watch what happened!


Can anyone explain, how difficult it is to keep your surroundings clean? If nothing works for you, at least, an animal can be a great inspiration who knows how to keep his natural environment clean.