A passenger filmed Delta plane struck by lightning; this is how terrifying it looks

A passenger and YouTube user named Jack Perkins has shared the most terrifying scene you could ever watch today. The passenger has captured the entire scene when lightning struck a Delta plane at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia.

The passenger was making a video of  the planes in line at the airport when he realized that something happened. It was raining. He played the video back to realize that lightning had struck the plane’s tail. “While filming the line of planes all stacked up during a ground hold in Atlanta on 8/18/15 I happened to capture this direct lightning strike on a 737”, he wrote on YouTube. The video was posted on Wednesday.

delta lightning strike

It is not known if the plane 737 had any damages or was able to take off. Here is the video of how cray lightning looks.

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Source: TOI