Watch: This Ruthless Delhi guy swings a poor stray dog and throws it into a car

Where you and I preach that the world will be a better place with love and compassion, there are still others who fail to understand that the speechless four-legged beings around us also needs love and care. The way most of the people treat stray dogs is just miserable. We fail to understand the reason behind torturing both men and animals. The latter is subjected to more torture than the former. The capital city that takes pride in calling itself the city with a big heart full of love for everyone now, inhabits only a few men with ‘hearts’ that are filled with love and emotions.
‘Dilli dil waalon ki’ turned into a torture and terror zone with this cruel guy, who swung a stray by its legs and threw the innocent dog into a parked car.
grabbing the doggie by the legs
In the video, one can clearly hear the guy filming the shameful act laughing as he started to record the scene. The abuser first caressed a white stray dog and then quickly lifted it with its two legs and started to swing it around really bad. He threw the poor dog into the car once he got his cruel kicks by torturing the animal.
dog thrown into a car
The other scared stray dogs watched this insane act from a distance. One of the dogs quickly came to help the poor dog once the guy left the spot.
anotrher stray
Shaming his city, the guy who goes with the name, Vatssam Kumar and nick name Dar Ji uploaded this blood boiling video with the title, ‘my latest video lame NO’. His Facebook account has been deactivated since he uploaded this horrendous video. YouSign Animal Lovers got access to the video and decided to share it with the world to show this cruel man’s act to the world.


VIDEO: Delhi man filmed proudly swinging stray dog by its legs, throwing it into a parked car!Take Action Now:

Posted by YouSign Animal Lovers on Sunday, July 12, 2015



Delhi, we are not sure who this brainless turd is but he surely needs to learn his lesson. If you know someone who goes with the name Vatssam Kumar or Dar Ji, do report to the authorities to put a stop to animal torture in your city.