Jackky Bhagnani pays a beautiful tribute to Malala Yousafzai after his epic tweet fail last year

Jackky Bhagnani’s world changed on October 10, 2014, when his faux pas created a row of angry sentiments against him on the social media. He had tweeted about Malala Yousafzai, on her achievement of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  Here’s his tweet. 7

Quite obviously, he became the center of all the trolls on Twitter. In his own words, here’s how he felt –


I feel very bad that because of my silly mistake, I took away some people’s eyes from the importance of the announcement and the contribution she has made to the society. You know, no one really cares about my stupid tweet, and if my tweet is the only reason I have been given the chance to pay tribute to someone who is changing the world, I’m glad I did it.

Happy birthday, Malala. You make this world a braver place. Thank you, for the inspiration.

He got together with Bindaas Republic and decided to pay a tribute to her on her birthday. Malala turned 18 yesterday and here’s what Jackky did for her –

This is how his nightmare started, last year.


Right after posting the tweet, he became the butt of jokes.


For her 18th birthday, he decided to pay a tribute to her. He had to make sure that this time he doesn’t make any mistakes!




He talks about last year, when he tweeted about Malala.

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In his defense, he said, he didn’t at least call her ‘Malaria’. In reality, it happened with Naomi that autocorrect changed Malala to Malaria because that’s how it works!


He educated little kids about the prestigious Nobel Prize!
P.S. In the screen grab below, kindly ignore the subtitle error in Alfred Nobel’s name by YouTube! We all have a bad day!


And here’s the brave Malala’s message to all of us.


Watch the full video here!