15 definite ways in which a pet dog changes your life

It is been a few years since you introduced this new fluffy member to the family and you just can’t afford to spend a day without him. That’s how a dog changes your life and more.

1. You know whatever changes in life, your dog will always love you, it will come wagging its tail to lick your face each day

Nothing changes for a dog!


2. You know people can fall out of love but not your dog

You trust his unconditional love.


3. No matter how mind f***** you are, your dog will always be around you to lift your mood

Your dog will never leave you alone.


4. You become a family oriented person

Your dog becomes a part of your family.


5. You become aware of your and others’ emotions

Your dog tells you that everyone has emotions and you become more aware of that.


6. You become a more loving person

The unconditional love you receive sparks the loving side of you.


7. You become sensitive towards all animals

You can’t see any animal in trouble or danger or being mistreated.


8. You will notice that your family has become happier around your pet

You just can’t help but play with it.


9. Your dog unites your family

When earlier everyone used to be busy with their phones and computers, now everyone stays together because your dog wants to be around everyone.


10. You get the warmest welcome every time you come home

As soon as you hit the doorbell your dog jumps on you to lick your face. All office drama seems to just fade away from your memory.


11. You become an early morning person because your dog has to pee when it wants to pee and nothing can stop him

You take him for an early walk so it could pee and poo too.


12. You are not that unfit now

Because you take your dog for morning and evening walks.


13. Who says dogs don’t have birthday parties?

You start throwing your dog’s birthday party every year just like a kid’s birthday party.


14. You never feel lonely or needy

You understand that your dog is the best company when you are home alone.


15. You feel less stressed

Playing with your dog relieves you of stress even the throwing a ball or stick game.


Do all these remind of the love you have for your baby dog? Go give him a kiss and share this article with as many dog and animal lovers as you can.


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