16 things only a real photographer would understand

What you think a photographer does –

Click! Flash! Click! Flash! And it is done! 

What a Photographer thinks he does –

[Shutter Noise ]

Find the right angle, keep the lighting in mind, capture a bit of shadow, click the subject’s best shot possible. *****murmur- “No, it can be better!”

Lie down on the ground in a awkward posture, take another shot. *****murmur- “Still the picture could have been better!”


Here are a few more things that only a real photographer like you can understand.

1. I use all my talent, time, and focus to click your pictures. You can’t say-


Respect a photographer!

2. Half of the people you know don’t understand why you spend so much money on buying lens. 



3. Don’t tell me to click a good picture of you!


That’s my job!

4. Photography needs a lot into capturing great pictures 


To find what I love to shoot is the most difficult part!

5. Don’t ever ask me why I started photography.


Great things just happen, dude!

6. I know you have a loaded phone. But god damn it, let me do my job!


I promise you will have the best picture. Give your phone’s camera some rest!

7. All good pictures land up in our cameras because all photographers are positive thinkers. 


There is not a single sad photographer!

8. What we like to tell all people who ask us to do in door shoots. 


We like to capture life!

9. Yes, photography is a beautiful art but it is also a lesson for life.


No one likes to miss a shot!

10. It is not just my camera that takes good pictures!


Hey! Appreciate my talent too.

11. We don’t make a lot of money. But we do gain peace of mind. 


All photographers are rich at heart.

12. Size does matter!


Now you know why my camera lens are so freaking expensive!

13. We don’t offer discounts if you tell me that someone else will do my job.


We take our work very seriously!

14. Please don’t try to stand right next to my subject. Thank you!


You can join my subject if you offer me money to click your picture. :P

15. We could be expensive but we are worth it!


**wicked smile

16. To all the people who I see clicking pictures on the streets. 


Try working as an assistant under a professional photographer!

People! There is a lot that goes into capturing great shots that only a real photographer understands! If you like to be one, either join a school or work under a good photographer. I know many professional photographers and trust me, their job is not that easy. RESPECT.

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