This unplugged cover of Humnava will keep you hooked through the week

We see a lot of talented musicians sharing their covers and mashups and we absolutely love it. There’s always room for fresh talent and good music.

One of our very talented and awesome writers, Sreejoni Nag along with her friend Kp Sivaramkrishnan has come up with a new YouTube channel – Bedtime Covers. For their first video, they shared an unplugged version of Humnava from Hamari Adhuri Kahani.

This unplugged cover is as beautiful as the original song was.

Humnava Cover  Unplugged (1)

The video’s story line is about two friends, separated by the time and tides of life, trying to reminisce the past.

Humnava Cover  Unplugged (2)

The music is soulful and so are the vocals.

Humnava Cover  Unplugged (3)

It is bound to remind you of an old friend!

Humnava Cover  Unplugged (4)

 You can follow this talented bunch on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Check out the video here. It is going to have you hooked throughout the week, trust us!