Move over regular canvas paintings, this artist duo is creating cooler things with canvas

Any painter would know the importance of canvas for their paintings. Ideally, artists use it to paint on them. But that is not the case for Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman – partners in both life and artwork, who refer themselves as Stallman.

They use canvases and paints alright, but in a much different way than you could ever imagine! They take strips of painted canvas and balance it on its edge. This creates looping, swirling scroll work that becomes an abstract image.

Check out their abstract works of art below:

1. It doesn’t look like what you think it is.

stallman studio (1)


2. Look closer.

stallman studio (2)


3. That’s the idea!

stallman studio (3)


4. Paints are also used.

stallman studio (4)


5. Can you really make out on the first glance?

stallman studio (5)


6. No, we’re sure!

stallman studio (6)


7. What a beauty!

stallman studio (7)


8. Now you get it!

stallman studio (8)


9. Love the color choices.

stallman studio (9)


10. And contrasts. 

stallman studio (10)


11. One word – wow!

stallman studio (11)


12. The combinations look chic.

stallman studio (12)


13. And swanky. 

stallman studio (13)


14. Blue seems to be their favorite. 

stallman studio (14)


15. Wow!

stallman studio (15)


Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman said,

Each length of painted canvas is bonded to itself and to the background creating a rigid structure within the frame. The hue of the painted canvas reflects on the background creating a spectrum of color. By using reflecting light, pigment, and structure, they can multiply the hues and tones within each sculpture. Our union of dynamic minds dissolves the boundaries of what is possible turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

We are absolutely in love with their work and wish to keep seeing more. For checking out more of their work,  you can check out their website, and find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.