Tom Cruise is a natural at lip syncing. Watch him beat Jimmy Fallon on his show.

Mission Impossible franchise famed actor, Tom Cruise made his appearance on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a lip sync battle with the host, Jimmy Fallon himself. The two decided to not let each other know the songs they picked. The song selection was totally a suspense. Tom Cruise began the battle and killed it while singing The Weeknd‘s sexy song, Can’t feel my face, which he calls the “song of summer”.

tom cruise lip syncing to cant feel my face on jimmy fallon's show

Taken a back Jimmy announced to lip sync to The Rolling Stones’, Under cover of the night after which Tom Cruise double beat him by his rocking lip sync to Meat Loaf’s, Paradise by the dashboard light.

Meat loaf lip sync

Accepting his defeat, Jimmy Fallon lip synced to Righteous Brothers’ You’ve lost that loving feeling with Tom Cruise’s help. If you are a Tom Cruise fan, you have to watch this video.

Watching Tom Cruise is a complete delight. We totally think Tom Cruise should do more movies so we could see more of him.

Watch this video to the end to see a funny fan girl moment.

fan girl moment