The nation will miss its Missile Man but his inspirational words will always stay; here’s why

If any person who has been successful in becoming the most loved and inspiring person in India, former President, APJ Abdul Kalam has to be on that list. With his highly inspirational talks and books, Dr. Abdul Kalam has been able to make everyone feel their dreams can come true. The Missile Man of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam lost his battle to massive cardiac arrest yesterday while delivering an inspirational lecture on ‘Livable Planet’ at Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. The country is in immense loss and in a mourning state since the news about his death has arrived.

The man who is an inspiration for all will not be seen or spotted invigorating the spirit of many to make dreams come true but his words will forever be ours for us to feed our minds time and again to feel like a hero, to believe we have the power to make things happen and to dream of a better nation.

We bring to you 20 most inspiring and thought provoking tweets shared by the late APJ Abdul Kalam.


1. His message for the youth.

2. What can you do for others, what can you give?

3. Message to have a better environment. 

4. Freedom was hard earned we must value it.

5. To learn to make a difference.

6. His wish for the budget 2015 was for the people he wanted to serve. 

7. Failures lead to success. 

8. Because he felt education can bring major changes, a message for the teachers had to come from him.

9. Be unique. 

10. With education your dreams can come true. 

11. He felt development is needed both in rural and urban India. 

12. Be right in your heart.

13. A bold question for everyone!

14. To imagine it is to make it possible.

15. This inspirational message was a bit long for a tweet so we decided to share the same quote from Facebook.


“My young friends, each one of us should be unique, and the way to be unique is by adopting four qualities i.e. having a…

Posted by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on Wednesday, January 21, 2015

16. Do not rest after the first victory.

17. His dream can only be fulfilled by you. 

18. There is no age to learning something new.

19. A message for all the nations. 

20. There is always something to learn. 


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