This Super Mirror compliments you EVERY TIME you look at it!

What if you wake up to a compliment every morning? Sounds like a motivational dream, but true. This amazing mirror will compliment you each morning or whenever you stand before it. A super morale boost, isn’t it? :)

And if you can’t get this mirror home, do the following to strengthen your confidence each day!

1. Hit the gym.
A good body is a good lift for your confidence.

hit the gymSource

2. Sit your self down!
Sit down alone and talk to yourself. Clear out the clutter in your head

sit yourself downSource

3. Signup for that class
You might have been wishing to signup for yoga, singing, cooking or playing an instrument class, sign up for it right this moment.


4. Become socially active
Get your fat-ass out of the house and start meeting people. Make friends and hangout with them.

meeting new peopleSource

5. Get a pet home
Your pet will love you so much, so unconditionally, you will forget there are people who dislike your ways.

get a petSource

6. Check your surrounding
Stay close to happy friends and people who are positive and always supporting. Negative people can share negative vibes with you.

happy peopleSource

7. Accept invitations
We generally avoid going out when we are feeling low. Do the opposite! Accept the invitations and dance at the parties. You will thank us later for feeling great!

accept invitationsSource

8. Don’t let them put you down
There’s someone you know who puts you down? Tell them what you expect from them and that you deserve the best.

you deserve betterSource

9. Make a list of affirmatives
Yup, make that goody-goody list and put it on the mirror. Every time you will look into the mirror you will feed positivism to your brain.


10. Count all your experiences as good
No matter how many things you did wrong, take them as reference points and learn from them. No regrets!

no regretsSource

got no regretsSource

11. You are different
Break the patterns if you have to. Don’t be that someone who you don’t relate yourself with.



12. Do things you desire to
If there is an unfinished list of things you like to do, begin doing them. Indulge in yourself a bit even if that includes sky diving!

sky divingSource

13. Drive to the salon
Pamper yourself with a stylish haircut, or get your hair dyed in a cool shade, or a spa routine or all of it. The idea is to make yourself feel special.

pamper yourself 1Source

Till you can sing your way to other treatments.

pamper yourself 2Source

14. Mend your brain’s ways
Every time your brain tries to be a pessimist, give it a big positive punch.


15. Try meditation
Meditation can help your brain feeling relaxed.


I know all this is easy said and listed than done. But if you are ready to put in a little effort towards making a better you with a kick ass future, then it is just nothing! Isn’t it? :)

Tell me what you do to lift yourself up in the comments below. Ciao!