25 things only a PR professional will understand

So you’re a PR (Public Relations, in case you’re not aware) professional? Sure, your job profile is very interesting. I have worked in the same field for quite a while and have loved my work.

But then, there are surely a lot of things which only us, the PR professionals would understand. For others, it might be just another job, but not many would know how it actually feels like, to be a PR professional. In my experience of working as a PR professional, here’s the summary of things which I faced.

1. You have to do a lot of talking. A lot, lot. 

Have you ever had silent meals? Nope, you haven’t.



2. You have said goodbye to your social life.
Seriously, when was the last time you had a good social time without any work related calls?

social life


3. The client is always right. So is the media professional
You’re the one who’s usually sandwiched between the both.



4. Too many deadlines
Yep, always. At times, you even start your day with a deadline.



5. Your phone becomes your sole companion. 
And you have 2 phones. You don’t even sleep without having both on both of your sides.



6. Also, your phone is always charged. And credited.
You mostly also have a power bank. You know, just in case.



7. Weekends become synonymous to making reports
And you want to tell this to everyone-



8. You write Press Releases. A lot of them.
But, they hardly get approved. And you rewrite. FML.



9. Most of your media ‘friends’ aren’t your friends, really.
But your work revolves around them. Hence friends. With benefits. Work related, obviously.

fake friend


10. Brutal working hours
But we do have a life. Wish more people would understand it. #WishfulThinking

Long working hours


11. Whatever happens, you’re always the one to be blamed
Whose fault it is, is irrelevant.



12. You are so sweet tongued, you could almost be a singer
Not to forget, you have to be nice. All the times.



13. Sundays are myths for you
You always manage to get yourself into drafting a Press Release on a Sunday.



14. You dream of targets
Or, would you want to call them nightmares?



15. You have a tough time explaining your profession to your homies
“Beta, do you sell mobile phones?” “No mom, no. I handle their PR.”



16. You have nobody to take out your frustration on
Also, 90% of the times you’re frustrated.



17. Your friends know you by the brands you work for
0% chances that they know about the agency you’re associated with. More than often, they get in touch with you to know about the brands you handle.



18. Social media is a must!
So much so, that you also get mistaken for a social media professional at times.

social media


19. You’re constantly judging every news article that appears
Of your competitor’s brands, and you feel good when their stories go terribly wrong.

judging you


20. Uncountable client meetings
Also, to back out from any plans, “I have a client meeting” is your most frequently used excuse.



21. You are in constant thoughts as to how to make a news piece of your client viral
Also, most of your ideas are not approved, but ultimately, they’re taken.



22. “I’ll get back to you soon” and “I’ll see what I can do” are the phrases you come across a lot.
Most of the time. Quite not surprisingly, none of it happens.



23. You have great communication skills
According to you, grammatical errors equal to being unprofessional. You don’t like to work with people who don’t care about using correct grammar.



24. You manage to look great most of the times!
Well this one is one of them perks. You surely don’t want to attend any meeting or events looking like you haven’t slept for weeks!



25. Research is your BFF
As if you have any other options!



Keeping everything aside, we do have an interesting career, isn’t it? If you’ve got any other things which you feel as a PR professional, do let me know in the comments section below!

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