25 Facebook stalker messages to leave you in gales of laughter!

Flirting is the disease everyone has to get affected once in their life time. It is natural, you see, we can’t help. Yes, but repeated flirting, forcing friend requests and fake praising on Facebook is called stalking.

The girls in our team here get a lot of such messages and we get nothing but irritated as hell. There had to be something done about it and so we though why not make fun out of the messages? Mind you, it may drag these stalkers in danger. I thought of disclosing their names here in this article, but as they made me laugh like never before, Maine unka Facebook Face Kala kar diya, quite literally! :P

Forgive me Facebook stalkers, but you deserve this and the readers here deserve lots of laughter riots.

1. Wow, why should I have any probs with you doing modeling, man? Why would I even give a damn about it?

Facebook Comment 1

2. Face reading on Facebook? P.S. I do not believe in ‘pridiction’.

Facebook comment 2

3. No, I never mind me being cute and beautiful, I love it.

Facebook Comment 3

4. Hny, I ain’t givin’ you a chance. Wish you had better ways to approach.

Facebook Comment 11

5.  And the award of ultimate well-wisher goes to…

Facebook Comment 12

6. Though my browser’s back button does work.


Facebook Comment 13

7. Currently I’m not hiring, bud!


Facebook Comment 14

8. Loved that shaayri though, bro.


Facebook Comment 16

9. You might feel that the writing style, emotions and feelings in both the images are same. They are, because the same guy sent these messages to me and to another teammate – one in 2012 and other in 2011. Sheer co-incidence, this one.


Facebook Comment 17


10.  This guy makes multiple accounts to get in touch with me. Have never been so flattered. *sob*


Facebook Comment 19

Facebook Comment 22

11.  Uncontrollable? Were you referring to nature’s call, bro?


Facebook stalkers

12. Just because she was in the same college? Get a life, dude!


Facebook Stalkers

13. Gosh, look at the consistency and commitment. Hats off!


Facebook stalkers

Facebook Stalkers


14. I seriously wonder what to write about this crap. Sorry, scrap!



15. I don’t wanna be a murderer. So, I closed my eyes while reading the first line. Thank you Rihanna for this idea.



16. He gave a choice. She gets to decide. Generosity at its best.



17. Umm, whaaaaa? I’d rather block you. And your friend.


Facebook Stalkers

18. I am not Bella Swan, Mr. Vampire!


Facebook Stalker

19. Knowing someone is not a crime, but writing a huge, meaningless paragraphs is.


Facebook Stalkers



20. Chetan Bhagat’s source of inspiration for Half Girlfriend.


Facebook Stalkers

21. Introductory bio-data!


Facebook Stalker

22. Trying to be funny, eh?


Facebook Stalker

23. Mind it, he’s neither a saint, nor a sinner.


conv. 4

24. How romantic it is, when you order a girl to add you, isn’t it?


conv. 7

25. When you text someone and they don’t text you back, you should assume that you are a useless jerk.


Facebook Stalker

It is obvious even you would have such strangers’ messages. Share with us in the comments section below and we all can have fun. How’s that? ;)

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