20 things which prove Indians worship cricket!

Cricket in India is considered as one of the biggest religion. Indians eat, sleep, drink and breathe cricket. It runs in their veins and as it is said that you cannot take out cricket from Indians.

So here are some things which prove India is full of cricket crazy people!

1. You always wanted to be a cricketer when you grew up
“Bada hoke main Homi Bhabha banunga” said no kid, ever. For kids in India, the common dialogue is “Main bade hoker Sachin Tendulkar Banuga.”


2. You had multiple cricket kits by the time you were 18
Yes, from gloves to helmet to caps to your favorite jerseys, you name it and Indian guys will have it. That is the level of enthusiasm.

3. Criticism by aunties
The feeling of happiness after hitting a clear 6 gets vanished by criticism of aunties whose window panes you break. “Kab sudhrega yeh ladka”


4. You cried when India won the world cup
That moment when Dhoni was on the strike and 4 runs were required – all hearts in India were praying and some were on the verge of getting a heart attack and in no time you hear “Dhoni finishes it off in style”. Yes, that moment, almost every Indian who watched the match cried a little. Tears of happiness!

5. You don’t lose hope
Ye,s that is one important quality Indian cricket fans possess. They will not lose hope till the last moment. “Arre last ball main dhoni 6 marega”
lose hope not

6. Party toh banti hai
The moment your favorite IPL team wins, you have to party. Bring on the beers!


7. India Pakistan – Nothing beats its importance
Do not try to disturb a cricket fan during an India Pakistan match. They might hurt you during the tournament. Beware. Rest all things can wait.


8. Gully cricket memories
Yes, all your childhood friends have played gully cricket with you and you have created some wonderful memories of breaking glasses and noses of people.

9. Social media wars
You must have fought with at least 10 people who liked different teams on social media. “How could you blame Virat? It was just not his day. If you hate him then please go drown yourself.”


10. Disinterest in people who don’t like cricket
You don’t like cricket? Well I think I will never talk to you again.

11. Attracted to people who like cricket
You like cricket? “Bro wassup, I already love u!”

12. Sachin Tendulkar is the God, end of discussion
If people will argue on SRT, you will be ready to kill that other person. “He is the GOD of cricket, no cross argument. Mind it!” Maria Sharapova is still fighting the consequence!

13. You’re the Wikipedia for cricket statistics
Oh you want to know how many centuries Rahul Dravid scored, ask me, and don’t waste your internet.


14. Killing made up relatives
“Sir my wife’s, uncles, son-in-law died, I have to go urgently”, are normally the excuses during match days for taking leaves.
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15. Superstitious
Superstitions range from not moving from a place to wearing the same color t-shirt every time. Yes, they believe, if they won’t move, Dhoni will score a 100 and Malinga will be injured.

16. Will be seen checking scores in a party
“Oye DJ awaaz kam kar, commentary sun ni hai” is followed by scrolling cricket websites. He will be the one least interested in the party. Girls will come and go, but Dhoni will not hit winning runs all the time.


17. You listen to Sachin’s retirement speech for inspiration all the time
That speech of 20 minutes 49 seconds will always come to your rescue whenever you are low and looking for some motivation.

18. You remember Cricketer’s signature move
From Sachin’s iconic straight drive to Dhoni’s helicopter – shot you remember every thing.


19. You are already excited about 14th FEB 2015
Yes, you will celebrate Valentine’s day with your first love, cricket. We all are equally excited about the World Cup 2015. 14th February, come soon. For the first time, most of us will be waiting for February 14 for a different reason.

20. Indians live this game
Nobody can deny the fact that cricket is a religion in our country and people worship this willow game like crazy!

So tell us what crazy things you have done to watch your favorite cricket clash and also let us know how big a cricket fan you are, in the comments section below.

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