15 reasons why you should NEVER be friends with your ex!

After a few years things didn’t work out as planned, so you both thought you couldn’t be anything, but at least friends for life. Did it work out as planned? Don’t tell us the answer because what matters is that you know what the answer is.

There are many, but here are the 15 reasons why you shouldn’t be friends with your ex anymore!

1. The school lovers who had no intimacy are the only exes you are friends with, right now
You can easily be friends with the ex you never slept with and to the rest you can say-


2. We think 1 out 10 couples can stay friends after dating each other
That 1 couple is from the list of school lovers.


3. You both will never get over each other
Calling each other frequently will give you both false cues that you both want each other. You will always talk about what you were. Plus, to know that you know each other so well, hurts!


4. You will talk to each other for emotional help not like friends, but like you used to, when in relationship
At sad times you both will ditch your real partners for lack of understanding and will talk to each other like you used to.


5. You will always keep each others as options and will never get on completely in your current relationships
We say, this is human nature but you both need to keep a close check on your thoughts time and again.


6. You both will have moments in which you will feel you aren’t over yet
Result! Sleepless nights with f***** up thoughts.


7. You will only be pretending that everything is over
You both will never let each other move on in life.


8. You will be jealous to see them with their current partners and you won’t be able to hide your jealousy
Don’t even think about going on double dates together!


9. When you will speak about your ex, your current partner will always feel insecure
Because, HELL, you both dated each other.


10. You will sometimes compare your current partner with your ex
And, your relationship will slowly crash down.


11. You will never be able to give each other your honest advice in the relationship department
You will always show that you were the best they ever had.



12. You will never receive the same affection
You will only remember the times when you used to hold hands at a certain place while you enjoyed your coffee because now you only enjoy coffee and talk some random shit with each other.


13. Why we broke up will only be your favorite topic ever!
Every conversation will end with that question that you will ask each other.


14. You will feel undesirable as they will be selecting new and fresh faces from their social circles to date
You clearly know what we mean here.


15. You haven’t given your relationship enough time to die and now you both or at least one is pretending to be friends with the other
Let time heal the bruises from the relationship you had.


But then


Share this articles with friends you think should leave their exes in the past and live up in the present, but before that respond to their exes like this.

15 times you should never be friends with your ex

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