An elite school in Kerala passes a bizarre rule: boys and girls to maintain 1 metre distance

In what can be considered bizarre and absurd, an elite co-ed school in Kerala’s Kottayam district, Pallikoodam has a separate section in its general note, issued earlier this year, about the relationship between boys and girls in the school where “due respect is given to both”.

Hindustan Times reported that Pallikoodam is known for being liberal and culturally progressive. According to the general note, in order to inculcate “healthy relationship” between boys and girls, the school says that children must follow the “acceptable” and must not “move into corners and lonely areas and show open signs of affection”. The note also said,

Boys and girls will behave on campus with utmost respect towards each other. The distance between a boy and a girl at all times is to be one meter…. Boys and girls in senior classes are requested to avoid friendship with those in the lower classes.

Their website description reads,

Our Principal Mary Roy is known for her sashay into the legal world of Intestate Inheritance. Christian women in Kerala were denied Equal Rights of Inheritance. She challenged the Travancore Succession Act of 1916 which was struck down and now, sons and daughters are given equal rights. Students still do their first exam in Std. IX and this is only because there is a Public Exam looming in Std. X.

Not saying anything else, but we would really want to see what kind of healthy relationship is seen between boys and girls after keeping a ‘1 metre distance rule’.

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