20 awesome things to look forward to, this winter

Winter 2014 has already stepped in with its mild cold breeze in the early morning. I have met people in my life who wait for this amazing season, winter. I am also in the same category as I love winter. There are so many reasons I think, why one loves this pink season!

I have compiled a few of them!

1. The cold breeze that leaves you peaceful!

Winter 01Source

2. Your skin glows in winter!

Winter 2Source

3. You love the warmth of your blanket!

Winter 3Source

4. Hugging your partner in the chilled day/night is the most beautiful thing!

Winter 4Source

5. Your cheeks go rosy!

Winter 5Source

6. All your sweat-shirts and fashionable jackets are out to get a place in the wardrobe!

Winter 6Source

7. Trekking in winter is the best – no perspiration leads to no tiredness!

Tien Shan Mountains - KyrgyzstanSource

8. Hanging out around the camp fire with bunch of close ones just cannot be replaceable!

Winter 7Source

9. A very good book to read inside a tub filled with lukewarm water is just…soo…goood! Now this is what I want!

Winter 9Source

10. Reasons to throw a booze party increase!


11. Soup becomes more tastier and healthier than ever!


12. It’s the time to show off your branded tracks while you go for a morning walk/jog!


13. This is the season to flaunt your designer scarfs and shawls! For guys, mufflers of course :)


14. No denials to any hot beverages offered to you!


15. It’s the season of Merry Christmas and Happy Makarsankranti. Celebrations!


16. Time to propose your cupid stuck better-half!


17. Winter is the time of bondness – long happy living marriages!


18. It’s the season of killing all your food cravings by just satisfying them ;)


19. Love for body lotions and lip balms blooms in this season!


20. This is the season you would love the sunlight kissing your skin!



You too love this awesome season? Share this among your close ones, so that they can be all prepared for the above reasons to cherish!