16 things every girl talks about after getting drunk!

Ever been ridiculed by the amount of alcohol your friends, your lady boss or your female drinking companion drink? They either drink like it’s nobody’s business or there are a few who get high but with two bottles of Bacardi Breezer! But the shit that they do post their drinking spree is equally hilarious and pathetic.

Every girl in the world does a certain set of things, after getting drunk. Here are a few!

1. Ask you to dance and if you dance with them, they will still ask you to…. DANCE!
You can’t help but think you are stuck in a slowly moving traffic jam.


2. Talk explicitly about sex and their sexual partners
You were totally embarrassed when your lady boss talked about her sex life. You made peace with it ‘coz you were the only sober person around and now nobody hardly remembers what they spoke. Only you know their secret. ;)



3. Every song is their favourite song!
After few drinks, all songs speak to their hearts.


4. “I am hungry, I could eat a horse”
After drinks they get all demand more food.


5. They say they aren’t drunk
Even though you figure out they have had too much drinks that they could handle, they will say, “I am not drunk”.



6. “Chadi nai yaar”
They can hardly walk straight or talk without slurring still they won’t realize that they are high.


7. “I lost my phone, wallet, car keys, etc.”
All drunk girls forget where they kept their stuff before drinking and the room fills with cries of “Hey I lost my… “.


8. They all have to share something secret
Drunk ladies will either share their secrete or someone else’s.


9. “Let’s take a picture. I don’t want to miss a thing.”
All drunk ladies need pictures from the night.


10. “I love you all. You are lovely. You are beautiful.”
Suddenly, drunk women will compliment each other to make everyone feel good.



11. “I want to talk to him. I miss him.”
Even though they had broken up 6 months ago, it still isn’t over for them. And so they are going to text or call him.


12. They all talk about getting married or why they couldn’t get married
Suddenly, all the good talks will get over just because someone brought up the incident when their boyfriend backed out of the marriage conversation.


13. “Let’s have shotttts!”
Things change after they are drunk and suddenly everyone wants to get shit drunk so they all call for shots.


14. “I don’t need these shoes.”
Just because they want to take off their shoes.


15. “I am just going to have one drink.”
They are lying! They will at least have four to five drinks in the bar.


16. And last of all, “SCREAM…!”


When the girls are drunk and they have nothing to talk about they just stupidly scream looking at each other which is equal to a group hug.

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