17 things prove you know nothing about Kit Harington aka Jon Snow!

Winter has come and everybody’s dying to watch the next season of Game of Throne including, us! While we were looking forward to updates from the Game of Thrones’ twitter handle, we got to know that today is the hot and innocent, “You know nothing” phrase famed, Kit Harington’s  aka the Bastard, Jon Snow’s 28th birthday! We couldn’t hold ourselves and so we dug the internet and squeezed out a few unknown facts about Kit. Read on to know what ‘you know nothing’ about Kit Harington.


1. Kit Harington just turned 28, today! He is young ! I hope all the single ladies are listening. ;)



2. His real name is Christopher Catesby Harington but no one calls him with that name



3. He is an aristocrat.  His uncle is Sir Nicholas John Harington, the 14th Baronet Harington, and his paternal great-grandfather was Sir Richard Harington, the 12th Baronet Harington. He is also a descendant of Charles II of England, by his paternal grandmother.

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4. He turned up to the Game Of Thrones audition with a black eye.

Kit Harington photoshoot, Sydney, Australia - 04 Mar 2014



5. He broke his ankle while climbing a window to his house to find his house’s keys.



6. He acted for the entire Season 3 with shattered ankle.

Costume designer, Michelle Clapton said, “He had a medical boot that he could take off, but he still couldn’t walk. We cut the back out of his costume boot so that he could put it on without having to actually step into it and just bound it to his leg. He managed really well, considering the amount of pain he was in”.

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7. He had many body doubles in the season which he got really pissed with because- “Even if it was just somebody walking I had a problem not going up to the guy and telling him how to do things differently. You don’t think you create a walk for a character, but you do.”

His waaaaalllkkk!  *Love*

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8. He finds it difficult to use public transport. He most of the time finds himself lost.

And you are absolutely getting lost in him… :D



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9. His perfect date idea is private dinner and wine!

“You don’t want to seem too eager, too romantic – otherwise, it just looks a bit try-hard. But I do think that a first date should be intimate. So I’d choose a nice dinner somewhere cozy, not too crowded, with good wine.”

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10. He is a horror movie buff!

‘I’ve always wanted to do a horror movie. My favourite is The Shining, but I also loved The Ring, the Scream movies and The Wicker Man with Christopher Lee.”

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11. He gave his voice to ‘Eret’ in How to Train Your Dragon 2.



12. He appeared in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D but in reality he doesn’t like video games. “I’m not good at playing those things. I used to get terrified of Doom, and when I played this, I was pretty terrified of it. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to computer games.



13. He is scared of ‘Spiders, flying and injections’. “I’m turning into a flying alcoholic, because I can’t deal with it. My dad started taking flying lessons. He’s now got his solo flying thing, and he says, ‘You’ve got to come up in the air,’ and I’m like, ‘Not for s—-!’”

But he surely loves hounds!

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14. He grew his hair and beard specially for Game of Thrones. When he was asked to grow hair he had said, “Well, I’ve never grown my hair, and I’m practically pre-pubescent in the facial-hair stakes, but I’ll give it a go!”



15. He is not on twitter. According to him, he speaks a lot in public, he doesn’t Twitter to speak in his free time, plus he is scared of it. 



16. He has no issues with nudity! “I think it’s one of those things … you take off your robe and there you are nude. And there’s a hundred people watching you and after the first 30 seconds, everyone’s seen everything. I’m quite happy to strut around naked after that.”

And so do we! It is great to watch him. :)



17. He is funny!

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So now you know almost everything you should know about Kit Harington. Think there is more to him than what you just read? Share in the comments section below!

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