11 things that only true dancers will understand

Dance is for fun? Not for all. It is love, passion and a craze for some, while for others it’s just out and out fun; a way to release oneself!

It’s not about just any dancer I am talking about. I would imply these traits to a true dancer, who loves it, adores it, and complements the way dance is taken up.

1. You just feel restless around a soft music for a long time. You need an instant change to something more bashing.
What did I just hear? Are people mourning?

missing musicSource

2. Dance numbers, songs duets or even singles – they are all in your mind always, with those ‘signature steps’ as well. Here are some you can relate yourself to.
Boys love this!

Badtameez guys

Hey girl, would you say you never tried this nagada steps?

nagada - deepika

And the way Shakira’s hips don’t lie?

shake it like shakiraSource

And yeah this asereje one too!

las ketchup- AserejeSource

And for just any dance lover, we didn’t forget PSY Gangnaming either :p

the Gangnam styleSource

3. Your confidence level is always up roaring in the sky in not only dancing. but for everything else!
You say it, I do it!

yes! we canSource

4. You have this feeling while looking at a dance show or song- “this could have been done better if these weren’t the steps.”
Koi shak?

paris hilton - i am betterSource

And every new step is a challenge, for you can’t rest until you get it right!

Katrina KamliSource

5. You have not missed a ‘single’ part of the Step Up series!
Remember the heart throbbing step?

Step up - heart beat

And the head swirling one?

Step up - head rollSource

6. You dance the best when in DJ parties, and yes, people tend to copy your moves too!
You bet you just nodded to this!

ross and monica dancingSource

7. Your favorites list will surely have Michael Jackson, Shakira or Prabhudeva in it.
Aaaooo!! \m/

MJ moonwalkSource

8. You can always imagine a dance situation for every festival.
Holi, Garba, Ganpati, Diwali… just any fest, you want to dance!

balam pichkari - holiSource

9. You seriously have a good physique/ figure to boast about.
And if you are a dance couple, then toh kya baat ho!

Couple hip hopSource

10. You can learn any on screen dance moves just in a limited time.
Destiny’s child, or rather a child’s destiny. ;)

Baby learning danceSource

11. Lastly, you will definitely adore YOGA over GYMMING as an extra exercise.
You know why, right?

yoga at the shoreSource

If you think that a dancer has other traits than these, feel free to share with us through your comments below.

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