22 things that happen when you have a friend who drinks a lot

You are out drinking with a friend  and you are simply enjoying having the best time with them. After a few hours, your eyes can’t believe you just saw your friend ordering the 10th glass of whisky. You thoughts go – “Is he/she insane?”, “Does he/she want to go home walking on his feet or not?”

When this drink is over, you know you are going to insist on leaving for home. No chance for staying out in the night now that he/she has drunk a lot and has started to act all funny. Here are 15 things that happen to you when you have a friend who drinks more than a lot!

1. They insist on paying the check.

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2. They insist on your drinking more than usual.


3. They get all excited about the smallest of things

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4. They sometimes get too emotional. Whether it is about an old friend or the dog at home, they will have teary eyes.

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5. They are mostly not in their senses at the time of calling for the check.

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6. They insist on driving the car to prove they are all right.

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7. They will interrupt the conversations by their frequently trips to the rest room.


8.  They try flirting with the gorgeous girl/guy on the next table.

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9. They will insist on ordering more food for everyone again.

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10. They will say, “Abhi toh peena shuru kiya hai!”

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11. “Chadhi nahi yaar”

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12. “Bhai ke liye toh jaan haazir, ye toh bas shots hai!”

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13. They will say, “Enjoy karna seekho, daru piyo” to the non-drinker friend at your table.

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14. They also say, “Main humesha limit se peeta hun”

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15. They will go and sit in a different auto or car and will realize until the driver tells them he/she is probably lost.

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16. You are responsible to take them to the rest room to help them puke or stop the car to help them puke on the footpath.

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17. They will of course misplace their phones.

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18. They will be the first to pass out, leaving you to take them back to their house and to the room.

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19. The next morning they will tell that they don’t remember what happened! 

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20. Or that they were under control and they remember what happened last night

I remember everythingSource 

21. They will be the ones approaching girls and boys to dance with their single friends.


22. They say that they accept having a bad stomach.

I am the master of my own bladderSource

Know any other things which your drunk friends keep saying a lot? Let me know in the comments section below!

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