11 idiotic answers given by Bigg Boss 8 contestants that would leave you stumped!

What happens when you play a round of general quiz meant for 5 year olds with Bigg Boss contestants? Yes, rounds of uncontrollable laughter!

Not being a Bigg Boss fan, yesterday I was flicking through different channels to find something interesting to watch when I stumbled up on Colors TV. Till now, I am thanking all the Gods to have watched what I would consider, the best of Bigg Boss series, so far. The contestants who I usually assume to be dumb just proved me right and how!

Here are some very basic questions asked by Salman Khan to the housemates and their idiotic answers, which are so bad, they’re actually bad.

Salman Khan started off with a very basic word play –iss ghar mey jeekar dekha rahe ho na, ab G.K. dekhao. *poker face*

1. The first question was for Upen Patel.

His answer wasn’t really shocking. I had expected something like this.

2. Just to clear his doubts, this was the next question.

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (2)

He actually took a while to answer that it is a female. Bravo.

3. Shakuni, bro, Shakira ka bada bhai. 

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (3)

4. The next question for Upen was, which was Salman’s first film. Sonali prompted the answer and as per the rules, she had to be punished. The punishment was – 

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (4)

5. I grew up listening to this lame joke (if at all I can call it that.) Seriously, Sonali?

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (5)

Salman: “Faaaaab? I’m soo impressed!”

6. I particularly loved this series of answers. No seriously. Their answers are pure EPIC.

Also, when Salman asked Sonali who Duryodhan is, she pointed to Puneet Issar. Too much intelligence only, this.

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (6)

That be Karishma. 

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (7)

And Diandra. 

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (8)

Upen was cheered by the crowd. 

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (9)

And Guatam. He was close, though. 

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (10)

7. Sonali – “I knew ye aane waala tha.”

Me – “I know you’ll not be able to answer this.”

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (11)

And then Salman gave a hint – “Unhe president bhi kehte hai.” To which, the very intelligent Karishma replied –  

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (12)

Amiriteyougaiz? Hence, a very happy Sonali says. “she’s worse than me.”

8. Spoiler: a mean wordplay coming along.

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (13)

9. Geography pro in the house, y’all.

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (14)

Somehow I thought Praneet is smart. Thanks for surprising me.

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (15)

10. Time for some Math fun. Meanwhile, I’m off to burn my Math books.

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (16)

11. And then here’s just Karishma being her usual self. Yep, NBD. Also, she gets nervous in front of Salman. Understandable. 

Bigg Boss Stupid Answers  (17)

P.S. Salman asked if she really wanted to get into films, after she answered this. Yep, that’s Salman being his usual self. NBD.

And here’s the full episode, if you still have the strength to watch it.


Got any other things which I should be aware of the show? Let’s talk about it in the comments section below!