20 things that would bring instant happiness to you!

It is said smile is a curve which sets everything straight. Indeed it’s true. It has got the ability to calm down anger, it makes you look beautiful and it reflects the happiness of your soul.

So you might like to skip your food or sleep but don’t skip smiling.

We provide you the following points which will surely make you smile!

1. Uncontrollable laughter with a friend
Now when all of you are busy finishing work to meet the deadline whenever you will think of those time when you laughed uncontrollably on a random joke or gesture, you will surely take out a moment to smile. Make sure you keep recreating such moments, cause on your death bed these moments will make you feel satisfied and not any power-point presentations.


2. Happy memories
One day when you feel lonely and detached, do one thing. Take a cup of coffee, sit in silence for 2 minutes and then start thinking about all the good moments that have happened in your life. Be it your marriage or the birth of your child or your first own house or car. Just sit back and think, how happy you were that day and how you celebrated.


3. Crazy memories
Have you ever jumped off a cliff, or teased your teacher or were uninvited guests in your dean’s daughter’s birthday party? Have you done anything crazy when you were meant to do crazy stuff? Well those things will surely make you smile when you sit back and think about those moments. If you have not done anything crazy, start today. Go out and chase a cat with your friend!


4. A smile on your parents’ face
I believe and I am sure you will agree to this. Whenever you see a smile on your parents’ face and know you are the reason behind it you feel heavenly. You earned that smile and that makes you happy from within. And when you are happy from within, you smile!


5. A happy baby
A child is pure form of humanity which you will rarely find in anybody. A baby smiling is surely going to bring a smile on your face.


6. Bunking work on a Monday and going for a movie
Though the after effects are generally serious but the happiness of watching a good movie will help you sail through all the scoldings. I am sure many of us have done this and just reading about it make us smile. 


7. Humming old songs with your dear ones
Have you ever found yourself singing the same track as your friend in the same room and the moment you realize you start singing loudly? I am sure many of us have that one friend with whom we can sing comfortably because we know “if I am bad, he is the worst singer” and so you both make the best singing pair. 


8. A tight hug
This is the best medicine one could ever get. Whenever you feel low, upset, angry or sad, only thing which can save you is that one hug from that one person who matters to you the most.


9. Getting flowers as gifts early in the morning
This is specially for girls. Imagine you had a fight with your boyfriend the previous night and you cried your eyes out. But when you wake up with swollen eyes the first thing you see is the bunch of your favorite flowers.


10. Compliments from boss
Ask working professionals what compliments mean to them. Very few people are blessed with bosses who compliment on regular basis. Compliments do matter in the initial days of your career as it boosts up your confidence. But once settled, recollecting the same compliments will help you smile.


11. A personalized greeting card

Greeting cards are not so much in fashion today but still a personalized greeting card has got the potential to make you smile. It gives you the freedom to express yourself which no emoticon can express.


12. Hand written letters
I know the internet world has taken over all the personalized form of communication but even today hand written letters are the best way to communicate your true feelings. There is something about those hand written letters which will make the receiver smile for obvious reasons.


13. Seeing your dog waiting for you
Humans will leave you at some point of life but when it comes to dogs, they will be by your side irrespective of how you treat them. And after a tiring day when you come home you see your dog waiting for you at the door you feel blessed.


14. Getting drenched in rains
This one is one of the best memories one could ever have. Getting drenched in rain accidentally and purposefully are 2 separate subjects. Icing on the cake will be getting drenched with people of your choice. When you forget all the worldly worries and dance on the tunes of rain with your friends or your love, you will understand the importance of little things in a relationship.


15. Midnight conversations
It is said if you want to pour your heart out, talk to the person post 2 Am. I know being up till late is a bad habit but once in a while it is completely fine. Stay up late, talk yo your friends, share your secrets. You will feel good. 


16. Long drives
Long drives are scientifically proven to be one of the best stress buster method. You either drive yourself or go with somebody, the long drives generally give you peace of mind and it is then when you think about all the good stuff which have happened in your life and smile to yourself.

17. Going back to school 
School days are the best days, nobody will deny that. But you know whats even more best, visiting school once you have settled in life. It’s like visiting a box full of memories. Going to the same classrooms where you received your first appreciation applaud and at the same time first slap by the teacher you hate.

18. Sleeping with a baby
Kids are not intelligent but they have a sense which tells them with whom they will be safe and will be loved. But the best part about babies is to show their trust while sleeping. When they hold your finger it means they feel protected with you. And whenever a kid does that you cant help but smile.


19. Getting a friend back after years
In the whole episode called life, you make some friends you lose some but the best one remains irrespective of whatever situations you face. These days misunderstandings break many relationships but you get the person back if your relation is higher then any misunderstanding. It conveys the happiness you get after meeting your lost soul!


20. Being satisfied
Everybody thinks of that one day in their life where they will just sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and newspaper and look back and think to themselves – I did productive things in my life and I do not regret anything I did. That smile you get, encapsulate your entire journey of life!


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If I am missing out any points, I’d love to know in the comments section below!

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Written by Priyanka J Patel